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2 guys, 2 girls 4 possibility

When one is a follower of fetishism, we always know what to do for fun. When one is found for example four in a single place, crazy ideas through our minds. As these four young people who fully benefited to give maximum pleasure in a house on the beach.

Good sexdate

They met in a billiard room in which they found themselves most of the time. One afternoon, one of the boys asked the girls to join them in his villa beside the beach. They would be quiet and in addition they also had a pool table with which they could make a foursome. They were initially reluctant minutes before following the two handsome young men at the feet of athletes.

Once in the house, they had a few beers when one of the girls started stroking the penis of one of the guys with his toes while the other two are as close to kissing. Then the two girls are lapped while the guys watched them while masturbating near the table. The girls began thereafter sucking the toes one by one each of them while stroking their midst. They fuck them afterwards. Then each guy has a threesome with two girls. At the end, everyone took a partner to complete the afternoon with a cumshot on the feet of young girls adapted foot fetish. They had so much fun that day they became real sex friends. They are all four real foot fetishists. Therefore, they are not only very open but have no limit on the sexual level.

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