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This is the story of a wife who every time her husband goes out brings another into her house and into her vagina. For today, the chick returns a big black with broad shoulders and apparently an incredibly inordinate limb. She drools just when she sees him on her arrival. This time, she is determined to enjoy it to the max up to an extreme enjoyment.

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After this preliminary madness, the two partners put themselves at ease on the couch. The second round of mature porn will begin. The old chick gets on all fours and waits for the guy to break it. He takes care to wet her by massaging the clitoris then they distribute all this liquid on the pussy. He slips the chick after tapping the ass harder each time. Each spanking is a pleasant sensation leading to orgasm. The guy has all his tail several centimeters inside this kitty. The snake scrapes then drool in this big hole of pleasure.

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